Labor Day Fun!

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Matt and I packed our bags and headed south for the Labor Day weekend. Matt left out early and spent Friday visiting with his family in Humble so he could introduce Jiff to the family. Ronny and Carla fell in love with their 4 legged grandchild, even though I know they are more excited about the upcoming 2 legged one!

On Saturday the family gathered at the lake. In addition to my immediate family we were joined by my Aunt Delores, Nicholas and Alli as well as our good friends Jana and Derek. The weather lent itself to some great boating fun. For those of us who stayed on land, the lovebugs were out in full force, I think it was one of the newer plagues! They were EVERYWHERE so our time spent outside was kept to a minimum but overall we enjoyed a great weekend. We also managed to celebrate Matt’s 31st and Amanda’s 30th birthday.

I don’t think we will make it to the lake again for a while but we did enjoy your experiences this summer. Until then!


1st day of school

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Another year begins…School started this week and we are running full force. It’s always interesting the change that the school year brings, from a calm, semi-relaxing summer right into the business of work, students, and parents. I’m getting used to starting a new school, learning the culture and meeting all the new students and parents but the high school has brought it all to a whole new level! I feel very blessed to be at such a great school and I’m looking forward to getting to know my 500+ kids better.

As with Yeager tradition Matt got up and took my picture before I left for school on Monday. Mom, I know you are so happy. I look like I’m as big as a house, it’ll definitely be a “back to school” photo set apart from the 33 others!!! And, my honey is so sweet and knew just what I needed on my 1st day…FLOWERS! It was such a welcomed treat in the midst of schedules and student melt downs. Thanks for thinking of me baby!

2 days down….many more to go!


Let us know you’re here

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Lindsey and I were recently wondering how many people are following our blog. I thought I’d run a little test just to see. If you’re reading this post right now, would you mind adding a comment to it and saying hi? We’re very curious, and plus it would be great to hear from you guys too.

Aside from having an online journal for our family, we really love the communications medium this blog is. Knowing there are those out there regularly reading will motivate us even further to post more frequently.

If you’ve never left a comment before, you can find the link at then very end of this post. Just click on the word Comment. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

First Footage from our new Canon HF10

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These are some of the first shots taken with our new Canon HF10. I’m really enjoying this camera. We’ll definitely be getting a lot of mileage out of it in the years to come, especially with Baby Hop joining the mix.

Click the link under the video on the far left to see it in it’s full HD glory!

First HF10 Footage from Matt Hopkins on Vimeo


Happy Birthday Baby!

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My man turns 31 this week and we were able to spend some time celebrating his big day last night. His actually birthday is Tuesday but it’s also the first week of school, unfortunately I don’t anticipate being home early so that we can really celebrate. I thought Saturday was a much better, more relaxed option. Matt chose dinner and a movie for his birthday treat. He’s always looking for any opportunity to see a film and knew I’d be game for one to celebrate his day. We enjoyed a terrific dinner at Fago de Chao in Addison, TX. We arrived a little early and were able to enjoy a nice relaxing drink before dinner, my drink of choice right now is sprite with grenadine…it makes me feel like I’m getting a treat too and I have flashbacks to my Shirley Temple childhood experiences! Once being seated we headed right for the salad bar. I LOVE the restaurant’s salad bar and enjoy eating so many wonderful cheeses and veggies not to mention the amazing meats they serve (iron rich of course). Matt was in heaven with the prosciutto and Parmesan Reggiano, he said it was such a treat to have his favorites meats and cheeses.

After dinner we headed into downtown Dallas to see a movie at the Angelika theater. This particular theater provides a nice collection of independent films along with a few blockbusters. Matt chose “American Teenager” for the evenings film. It was a wonderful movie which successfully captured the life of high schoolers today and beautifully. It was a great precursor to the school year on which we are about to embark. The entire evening was wonderful, I was just thankful to spend some time with my old man! Happy Birthday baby I hope this year tops them all!!!

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