Another Hole in the Head, oh and I’m finished with school!!!

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Welp, I’m just wrapping up my last 2 days of school this week. Tonight we presented our campaign for the San Francisco Horror Film Festival, Another Hole in the Head, during the final meeting of the Creative Direction class. It was quite a group we presented in front of. About 30-40 other students, current and former, as well as a bunch of staff memebers from the school. It was a bit nerve-racking as it was an unexpected turnout! Dispite a few nerves, the presentation went great.

Here is the broadcast piece of the campaign. I played the role of Creative Director as well as Lead Animator. This was one of the most fun, and most challanging projects I’ve ever done here at Ex’pression. Enjoy!


Camp Aunt Lindsey

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Camp Aunt Lindsey

The first ever Camp Aunt Lindsey was held last night and boy was it exciting! I had the awesome opportunity to watch both of my nieces and my nephew all at once! I recruited my sweet sweet friend Jana to come over and help with the event. Emma and Morgan were troopers through dinner and enjoyed their hotdog supper while Logan played with his new friend Jana. He really liked her long hair! After dinner Logan decided to take a break from camp activities for some shut eye while Morgan and Emma decorated pumpkins. The girls did such a great job coloring all over the pumpkins Grandmother had bought for them – make sure to look at the pictures to see their skills. After decorating pumpkins it was bath time! The girls were super excited and ready for some relaxing tub time.

Jana and I were feeling pretty proud of Camp Aunt Lindsey and our skills up until this point…we had been doing a great job taking care of 3 children all under the age of 3 and were still sane. I was actually thinking that I might be able to do this motherhood thing! But then it came bedtime!!! The tears came and Camp Aunt Lindsey started to fall apart! One baby would cry we’d get him/her stopped and the other would start it was like a chain reaction! Jana and I were running for child to child trying to use our best soothing voices to calm and comfort the little guys and gals. Unfortunately it was a rather rough 30 minutes of bed time action at C.A.L that the girls and Logan had to endure. And to make a long story short it ended with Grandmother, Papa, Lesley and Travis all coming to the rescue!!!

Overall, Jana and I did a great job with all 3 kids for the 6 hours we had them (ok so it was only 3 but it felt like 6…) but we were very excited to see the reinforcements come and rescue the counselors in training at Camp Aunt Lindsey! At our camp debriefing meeting Jana and I decided that we aren’t scared of having kids but we might not have 3 in 3 years!

Seeing old friends

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Seeing old friends

Over the past two weeks I have had the opportunity to spend time with one of my great friends from high school. My friend Heather was in town for a few weeks with her 3 month old twins while her husband is away in Iraq. It was so much fun to see her and get to catch up on old times. We were able to get together twice while she was home and I loved every minute of it. I’m sad that she had to leave to go back to Virginia but I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving when she and her husband Daniel will be down again with the twins, Carter and Abbey.

Best in the SW

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Best in the SW

Here are some photos from my AMAZING trip to the Best in the SW – Animation and Motion Graphics conference in Albuquerque, NM a couple of weeks ago. Ex’pression College was so gracious to send myself and 11 other students on the trip. It was such a great educational and eye opening 3 days. What a great way to get motivated and inspired right before diving into my new career!

**Lindsey editing Matt’s entry – Oh and Matt would never tell you but he won an award at the conference!!!! I’m so proud of him and the work that he did. His award was for best movie title sequence. Way to go honey! ILU! ***