Laney Kate Hopkins

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Laney Kate Hopkins

On September 11th at 8:22 AM Laney Kate Hopkins completed our family. Laney weighed 7 lb 8 oz and was 20 1/4 inches long. Matt and I were both overjoyed when we learned our baby was a little girl! We are blessed with a perfectly healthy baby and can’t wait to watch her grow. A huge thank you to our family and friends who have prayed for us, visited us and helped us along this first week as a family of 4! We could not have made it with out each of you! I know there will be many more pics to share in the coming weeks. Until then!

Black and White images – a few of our favorites


34 Weeks complete

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How far along: 34 weeks complete!

Size of the baby: Baby Hop is about 5 and a half pounds and 18 inches right now. About the size of a honeydew melon! Dr. White assures me that Baby Hop will be about as big as Dean. Thankfully he hasn’t mentioned that BH might be bigger.

Maternity clothes: I’m on the home stretch. I have narrowed my clothing selection down and am hoping to make it last through this next month. I believe I have enough professional clothing to make it work but I might be wearing the same outfits every week.

Gender: As we inch closer to the due date everyone is beginning to give their opinion on what gender BH might be. It is always fun to hear the reasoning behind their choice.

Movement: Sure. Although we have moved from those sweet little kicks and flutters to a full on assault. My stomach is often a roller coaster of movement – very fun to watch. I know I am carrying BH a little differently than Dean. Dean’s foot always found it’s way up into my rib cage. BH tends to put his/her foot across my mid section almost to my back. It’s such a crazy feeling to have a foot on your side.

Sleep: I am still sleeping great! I am so thankful that I am still comfortable and able to get a good nights rest. The heat is taking it’s toll and there are plenty of nights I wake up soaking with sweat.

What I miss: Cooler weather! But then again isn’t everyone? I told Matt the other day I was tired of being hot.

Cravings: I do enjoy the chicken salad wraps from Pei Wei though. Matt started bringing those home for me and I have fallen in love with this light and tasty dish. It’s my low sodium way of doing Asian food!

Symptoms: I’ve been back and work for 2 days and have started experiencing swelling in my feet. I know it’s from sitting at a desk all day. I’m working on my sodium intake and making sure I move through out the day. Hopefully I can keep the swelling to a minimum! My blood pressure also jumped from 110/70 to 138/82 this week. I was a bit upset about the change but Dr. White assured me I was still doing well. Hopefully I can keep it under control and avoid bed rest this time!

Best Moment this week: Dean has been so excited about the baby that he asks, “Is the baby going to come today?” everyday! We made a paper link chain for him to have a visual countdown of BH’s due date. I think this has helped him have a better idea of when we will expect this life changing event. It warms my heart when he talks about the baby and to hear his excitement.

We have also started working on the nursery. Baby Hop now has a crib, diapers and other baby essentials. It’s a little crazy for me to walk by the former guest room and see that it is now a nursery. I can’t wait to have BH here and sleeping in his/her bed. 4 more weeks!


Hearing All About Dean’s Day

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I had the pleasure of listening to Dean tell me all about the excitement going on at our neighbor’s house across the street this past Thursday. Lindsey had the good idea of recording the conversation. It’s these sorts of moments it’s so fun to look back on one day in the future.

I know…I can’t remember the last time I wrote a blog post either. :)

Dean’s Day from Matt Hopkins on Vimeo.


Diving in the Deep

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One week ago Dean completed swim lessons at Hubenak Swim School. Since we finished swim school Dean has been fearless. Check out his latest water adventures.

Deep Water Flips and Dives from Matt Hopkins on Vimeo.

IMG 1713 from Matt Hopkins on Vimeo.


30 Weeks Complete

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How far along: 30 weeks complete!

Size of the baby: Baby Hop is about 3 pounds and 17 inches right now. He/She is well formed and just working on packing on the pounds.

Maternity clothes: My swimsuit! Dean and I have been making daily trips to the pool. He enjoys swimming and I am thankful for the cool pool!

Gender: Maybe I should delete this line? We will know soon enough! As I try to work on the nursery I am remembering how much I struggled not knowing the gender with Dean. So many cute things to do if it is a girl that certainly won’t work for a boy!

Movement: BH is developing patterns of movement. He/she has always moved after meals but has recently begun to really move around 9 PM. Matt has had fun feeling kicks, flips and flops this past week. He might be getting his night owl companion with baby #2.

Sleep: No problems yet. I’m also managing to nap when Dean naps each day. Housework and my to do list are getting pushed aside but in 2 short weeks I’ll be back at work with no noon time naps – I think it’s worth it.

What I miss: Yep, still missing wine and now I am beginning to miss my longer 5+ mile morning walks. At my last appointment the Doctor limited me to no more than 3 mile walks a day. He also encouraged me to exercise extreme caution with hydration and heat. The walks have shortened and the pace has slowed. I’m following doctors orders and my walking partner, Liz, is keeping me in check.

Cravings: No cravings at this time. Unless you consider all cold foods. I asked Matt what he wanted on the menu for this week and immediately nixed anything that would be “to hot” to eat! I don’t want to stand over the stove on these hot summer days.

Symptoms: My feet have been hurting for the past few weeks. I’m sure my growing belly and weight gain have nothing to do with this! Matt is learning the art of massage as he sweetly rubs them each night while we watch TV.

Best Moment this week: My blood presser was even lower this week 110/70! I’m so thankful that I have been able to maintain such a great BP this time around. Also, Dean has been singing to my belly. His favorite tune is You are My Sunshine. Be still my heart it is the most precious thing ever! I haven’t been able to get it on video but believe me I’m trying!

In other news I have started making a detailed list of what we need for the baby. I am so thankful that we only need a few items to have a stocked house ready for BH – Diapers and wipes are going back on my monthly Costco shopping list. I’ve also been staring at my kitchen cabinets thinking about where I am going to put bottles, bibs and all other things baby. Guess it’s time to rearrange! Maybe if I took fewer naps I could manage this???

Only 9 weeks to go! The countdown is on. We have several more fun weeks of summer before the grueling month of August. I know that September will be here before I know it!

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